Supercharging with Hydroxide Alkaline Water


Transform Any Water into an Acid Eliminator By Using AQUA OH!™

What is supercharging? In the simplest terms it is the ability of AQUA OH!™ to infuse any water with free hydroxide ions and thereby turn it into an acid eliminating dynamo.
How does AQUA OH!™ accomplish this? AQUA OH!™ is a concentrate that is fully saturated with as many free hydroxide ions as water can hold. AQUA OH!™ has a very high pH of at least 12. This high pH is due to its hydroxide content not the presence of alkaline minerals or electrolytes or trace minerals like other alkaline waters. Our lab results confirm this fact. (Click here to review our lab results.) This is the most effective way to package hydroxide but it is not the most effective way to utilize hydroxide.
Hydroxide works best in the body when it is accompanied by more water molecules than are present in a fully saturated concentrate. Our testing shows that the ideal ratio of AQUA OH!™ concentrate to water is one ounce per quart of water. This means it only takes one ounce of concentrate to fully infuse 31 ounces of any other water with free hydroxide ions.
AQUA OH!™ can transform tap water, distilled water, reverse osmosis water, artesian water, spring water, mineral water, and alkaline water. (See the chart below) All of these waters work as carriers of the hydroxide found in AQUA OH!™ and become instantly supercharged with acid fighting capabilities. But for the most effective and most potent drinkable hydroxide water we recommend using distilled or reverse osmosis water. This is because these two waters have the least amount of foreign substances that might possibly interfere with the hydroxide.
What are the benefits of supercharging? To answer this it is important to establish a few facts.

  1. pH is the measure of a substance’s acidity or alkalinity depending on which end of the spectrum the reading falls. The higher the pH the more alkaline a substance is and the more alkalinity it has.
  2. Alkalinity is the measure of a substance’s ability to neutralize an acid. The higher the pH of a substance is, the more alkalinity it has and therefore the more easily it neutralizes acids.
  3. There are two ways to neutralize an acid – buffering and elimination. Acids by definition are hydrogen protons (H+) that carry a positive charge and need a negative charge to counteract them. Buffering provides this negative charge in the form of substances that are alkaline – namely alkaline minerals, trace minerals, electrolytes, or bicarbonates. This is how most alkaline waters work and how the buffering systems in the body work. But the addition of an alkaline substance does not remove the acidity, rather it merely counters the positive charge with a negative charge, restoring electrical neutrality. The hydrogen proton still remains where it can wreak havoc.
    The second way to neutralize an acid is through elimination and requires the introduction of hydroxide (OH). There is a natural attraction between the hydrogen proton (H+) and hydroxide (OH) because they are both part of the water molecule. When the two combine they become a new water molecule and the acid ceases to exist. This is elimination by transformation. Not only is the positive charge neutralized but the offending hydrogen proton disappears and can no longer cause problems.

In essence, hydroxide supercharges neutralization by taking it beyond merely counteracting the positive charge of an acid to completely eliminating the acid by transforming it into harmless water. So water that has been supercharged with the addition of free hydroxide ions will in turn supercharge the neutralization process and take it beyond mere buffering. This ability to eliminate acid is designated as a water’s Acid Elimination Potential (AEP) and is shown in the chart below.

Supercharged neutralization is only the beginning. AQUA OH!™ also supercharges the hydration process. As was noted earlier, when hydroxide eliminates an acid a new water molecule forms. This means that not only does AQUA OH!™ hydrate through the water the hydroxide is suspended in, but it also creates new water molecules as it eliminates acid thus increasing the level of hydration. This process is called ultra-hydration. Other waters may have some negative ions (hydroxide) present but none of them have the level of hydroxide that AQUA OH!™ has and none of them can produce the level of ultra-hydration that AQUA OH!™ can.

By supercharging any water with hydroxide, AQUA OH!™ supercharges neutralization leading to acid elimination which in turn supercharges hydration leading to ultra-hydration.


Testing was conducted to see how effective AQUA OH!™ is at raising the pH and therefore the alkalinity of many different waters. Testing was done using a new bluelab pH meter that was properly calibrated before each test. In accordance with our normal instructions, one ounce of AQUA OH!™ concentrate was combined with 31 ounces of the product being tested. Below are the results. As these results show, AQUA OH!™ can raise the alkalinity of any water by a minimum of 1.3 points on the pH scale. This rise is a measure of the increase in the hydroxide content of the water. Several flavor enhancers were also tested to see if they interfered with the ability of AQUA OH!™ to raise the pH. The results make it clear some flavor enhancers do not interfere with AQUA OH!™ while others do. (Testing was conducted in February 2017.)
NOTE: Although distilled water comes out of the machine at a pH of 7, it almost instantly will react with the air and this drops the pH. This is why our testing shows the distilled water at 6.3.

Source Water Category Before After Difference
Alkaline88 alkaline water 9.4 11.3 1.9
Aqua Carpatica (Romania Spring) spring water 8.2 9.8 1.6
Aqua Hydrate alkaline water 10.1 11.3 1.2
Aquafina (RO) water 6.4 11.1 4.7
Arrowhead Spring Water spring water 8 9.6 1.6
Crystal Geyser Spring Water (CA) spring water 7.1 8.6 1.5
Dasani mineral water 6 11.3 5.3
Distilled water 6.3 11.2 4.9
Essence pH 10 alkaline water 10.1 11.4 1.3
Essentia alkaline water 10.0 11.2 1.2
Evian spring water 7.7 9 1.3
Fiji artesian water 8.1 11 2.9
Icelandic Glacial spring water 8.6 11 2.4
Just Water Spring Water spring water 7.8 10.6 2.8
Poland Spring Water spring water 8 9.6 1.6
Qure alkaline water 9.8 11.2 1.4
Resource Natural Spring Water spring water 7.7 10.2 2.5
Reverse osmosis (RO) water 7.1 11.3 4.2
Simple Truth Artesian Spring spring water 7.8 9.8 2.0
Tap water water 7.7 9.7 2.0
Voss (Norway) artesian water 7.9 11 3.1
Source Category Before After Difference
20 drops Sweet Leaf Stevia in distilled water flavor enhancer 6.2 11.4 5.1
2 pks Truvia in distilled water flavor enhancer 6.3 11.4 5.1
2 pks Splenda in distlled water flavor enhancer 6.2 11.2 5.0
Dasani Pink Lemon in distilled water flavor enhancer 3.2 3.6 0.4
Mio Tropical Cherry in distlled water flavor enhancer 3.2 3.7 0.5
*AEP = Acid Eliminating Potential