Supercharging with Hydroxide Alkaline Water


Transform Any Water into an Acid Eliminator By Using AQUA OH!™

What is supercharging?  Supercharging in this context is the ability of a substance to radically improve the acid fighting capability of a water.  As explained elsewhere on this site, hydroxide is the only substance that neutralizes acid by transforming it into water and thereby eliminating it rather than merely counteracting the acid’s positive charge with a negative one and buffering it.

Unlike most alkaline waters, AQUA OH!™’s alkalinity does not come from minerals or electrolytes but comes from its hydroxide content.  Our lab results confirm this fact.  (Click here to review our lab results.)  Beyond this, AQUA OH!™ is a concentrate, not a ready to drink.  These two facts make AQUA OH!™ uniquely capable of transforming any water into an acid fighting dynamo, in essence supercharging it with hydroxide.  Below is a chart showing how AQUA OH!™ raises the pH of every type of water to which it is added.  This rise in pH is a direct measurement of the change in the acid fighting capability of these waters.  As is evident, AQUA OH!™ can even change normal alkaline waters whose main mode of operation is buffering into acid eliminators and not just bufferers.

The supercharging that AQUA OH!™ does not only changes all of these waters into acid fighting dynamos, but in the process turns them into agents of ultra-hydration.  First, you get the water molecules present in these waters for hydration.  Second, your body is provided with new water molecules that are a result of the transformation of acid into water by the hydroxide AQUA OH!™ supplies.  This is ultra-hydration.

AQUA OH!™ can transform tap water, distilled water, reverse osmosis water, artesian water, spring water, mineral water, and alkaline water. Any and all of these work as carriers of the hydroxide AQUA OH!™ provides and become instantly supercharged with acid fighting capabilities. But for the most effective and most potent drinkable hydroxide water, our testing has shown distilled or reverse osmosis water produces the best results.

The chart also shows that several flavor enhancers work well with AQUA OH!™ and do not interfere with its supercharging ability while others are major impediments. Simply put, if you do not know whether a flavor enhancer will by okay then do not use it.

Only hydroxide eliminates acid instead of merely buffering it. Only AQUA OH!™ can supercharge any water with hydroxide and turn it into a supercharged acid hunter.

Testing was done using a new bluelab pH meter that was properly calibrated before each test. In accordance with our normal instructions, one ounce of AQUA OH!™ concentrate was combined with 31 ounces of the product being tested.

Below are the results. As these results show, AQUA OH!™ can raise the alkalinity of any water by a minimum of 1.3 points on the pH scale. Several flavor enhancers were also tested to see if they interferred with the ability of AQUA OH!™ to raise the pH. The results are below.