AQUA OH! Quart
(Single Bottle)

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Hydroxide rich water ELIMINATES acid, and doesn't just BUFFER acidity like the other alkaline waters that contain mainly alkaline minerals. It has more hydroxide than any other alkaline water, and very little minerals. Minerals buffer acidity, but hydroxide eliminates it by reacting with acidity and in the process turning it into water. Get the best alkaline water, with the most hydroxide in it. It is also lower cost and more eco-friendly than other alkaline waters because it is a concentrate–one quart makes 32 quarts of ready to drink hydroxide rich alkaline water!
For a basic explanation of what AQUA OH! is, how it works, and the benefits click HERE.


$37.95 is 11% off the MSRP of $42.95.

1 quart of concentrate will make 32 quarts of drinkable hydroxide rich alkaline water. Our concentrate is so strong it can convert ANY water into an acid eliminator by infusing it with hydroxide. Click HERE to go to the supercharging page to learn more.

For wholesale pricing, see the small case (9) or see the large case (18).

The cap of the quart bottle holds one ounce of concentrate for easy measuring.

Each quart also comes with our Main Brochure.

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Weight 3 lbs


  1. Jan T.

    I have noticed a reduction of muscle soreness and inflammation in my right knee after 2 days of drinking AQUA OH-! I also have increased energy to get my work done in late afternoons. Prior to drinking AQUA OH-!, I would have to take daily naps. After 3 weeks now drinking AQUA OH-! daily I can honestly say my arthritic knee is almost new again. Even my skin is starting to look better.

  2. Deborah

    Great Product

  3. Brian

    I suffered from years of insomnia and intestinal issues. Have been drinking AQUA OH-! for the last 6 mos. My insomnia issue is gone! My intestinal issues are getting better. I have also dropped 11 pounds and have lots more energy throughout the day to focus on my work and family! Thank you for a wonderful product! I am recommending AQUA OH-! to my colleagues and extended family.

  4. Michael

    I like to drink AQUA OH-! triple strength 3oz per qt water, been doing it for several months. Definitely giving me more energy, I don’t get sick, feeling better. Especially feels good before, after, during workouts.

  5. Scott

    Four years ago I was diagnosed with Barrett’s Esophagus. Doctors say they do not know the cause of this disorder. Symptoms include severe heartburn and burning in the esophagus.

    I started drinking AQUA OH-! about a month ago. The last 2 weeks I have been doubling my dose (2 oz. per quart). The pain and burning has stopped. I feel better and have more energy.

    My doctor has even asked what I am doing. He took me off 2 of the medications.


  6. David

    I wanted to thank you for making AQUA-OH! in both the concentrated water and now the gel. I had a back fusion about two years ago and it did relieve much of the pain, but my lower back still hurt and there were no more operations that could be done. I did not want to keep taking pain pills so I thought I would just have to live with it. About a year ago I started drinking the AQUA-OH! and it relieved about 75%-80% of the pain and I felt much better. It also stopped many minor pains I would have from my arthritis. Then about three months ago I started using the AQUA-OH! gel in addition to the water. I was amazed that within about 15 minutes the lower back pain was totally gone and it lasted for 2-3 hours. Now I use both and my back feels almost 100% better. I sure can notice if I skip the gel for a day or even half a day. I try never to miss either the water or the gel and very rarely do. Thanks for making such a great product.


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