Our Mission

AQUA OH!™ is a purified hydroxide alkaline water concentrate. It is a shelf stable concentrate optimally calibrated so that one ounce added to a quart of distilled or reverse osmosis water produces a ready to drink hydroxide water solution with numerous benefits. Although distilled or reverse osmosis will produce the most hydroxide, the concentrate is so strong it will supercharge any water and turn it into an acid eliminator. Click here for more information on supercharging.


Our mission is to make the words “hydroxide water” household terms.



Alkalinity with a difference.

1AQUA OH!™ has no added minerals or electrolytes. In fact, AQUA OH!™ actually has minerals removed as part of its manufacturing process. All other major brands of alkaline water claim they add either electrolytes or trace minerals or minerals.
2The negative ions in AQUA OH!™ are produced through hydration causing natural ionization and not forced through the introduction of electrical or electrochemical means. This natural ionization means there are no acidic components produced that need to be removed. Natural ionization is also more stable and longer lasting.

Most consumers have now become familiar with the term “alkaline water” and view it as a beneficial bottled water. Most alkaline waters contain some hydroxide in them as a result of their production techniques, along with other substances such as alkaline minerals. Hydroxide and minerals are the two factors most responsible for the high pH and alkalinity measurements of alkaline water products. What sets AQUA OH!™ apart from all the rest, is a focus entirely on the hydroxide component as the most effective active ingredient in alkaline water products. AQUA OH!™ seeks to boost the hydroxide and remove the minerals, to the optimal extent possible. The result is a purified quart of concentrate that can be used to make 32 quarts of ready to drink hydroxide water that is far superior to the leading alkaline water products in terms of benefits and cost effectiveness. This works out to about $1.40 per drinkable quart and is environmentally friendly because far fewer bottles are used in getting our product to the consumer.

One important health factor driving the alkaline water market is the problem of acidity. Too much acidity in the body can stem from diet, disease, exercise, and other life style factors. It is generally recognized today, over acidity in the body creates disease conditions, through a lack of oxygen and a lower pH condition where pathogens flourish. By chemical definition, acidity is a problem of too much hydrogen. The beauty of hydroxide (OH) is that it readily binds with hydrogen and forms water, which is not toxic and is easily excreted from the body. Normal water has the chemical symbol H2O which indicates two hydrogen atoms combined with one oxygen atom. Hydroxide is one hydrogen and one oxygen, and it’s highly reactive because it is seeking another hydrogen atom so it can become water again. This means hydroxide produces a “clean kill” of acidity. The OH finds a hydrogen proton (acid), combines with it and becomes water, which can then be excreted normally. Because the reaction neutralizes the acid, it leaves no toxic residues. This is one of the cleanest ways you can remove acidity, and we can look to the water treatment industry for another example of this.

Safe and Effective

Industry extensively uses hydroxide as lime water in food preparation, potable water treatment, and waste water treatment.

The removal of acidity is often an issue in industrial applications of water treatment. In industry, a crude form of hydroxide water known as lime water or lime treatment is routinely used in numerous water treatment applications, from the processing of drinking water to the purification of waste water. Lime water adjusts pH, kills pathogens, and clarifies water through coagulation and flocculation. In other words, crude lime water cleans up both drinking water and waste water.

The water purification industry routinely uses lime water because it is cost effective and safe. Limestone is abundant and readily available. It is clean because it does not leave toxic residues while performing its purifying functions. These same benefits apply in the context of a hydroxide water concentrate designed to produce an optimal hydroxide water solution for drinking.

Adding lime to water is the commonly accepted way to produce hydroxide water. This leaves a mineral residue in the water that needs to be removed. Industry removes this residue in various ways when they are seeking to produce drinking water. We have found the most effective way to do this to produce a purified concentrate meeting our goals. We wanted a concentrate that is optimally calibrated for on-site production of ready-to-drink hydroxide water with very little mineral residue.

Hydroxide water is something all of us drink on a daily basis. Even normal water contains small amounts of hydroxide as one of its components. Our goal in formulating AQUA OH!™ was to increase the hydroxide content to an optimal level and to eliminate as much of the mineral residues as possible. We consider hydroxide to be the most effective alkalinizing agent as opposed to the mineral residues that often accompany it, whether we are discussing alkaline waters designed for drinking or lime waters used to purify water in industry. Excess minerals (even those introduced by the lime water) must be removed from drinking water in order to make it safe to drink even by existing government standards which still allow a great deal of dissolved minerals in drinking water. Inside the body, an over abundance of minerals is a greater burden on the body than an over abundance of water. We saw a need to produce a pure concentrate with an optimal amount of hydroxide and a minimal amount of mineral residues that can be used for onsite production of a drinkable hydroxide water solution at an economical cost. We are proud to offer AQUA OH!™ as “Alkalinity Surpassed: Hydroxide Water Perfected” into the marketplace.