Our Company

The natural world is meant to operate in harmony. Take for example the water cycle. Through a continuous process of evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection, life on earth is sustained and supported. Although extremes may exist during certain stages, such as violent storms etc., the cycle never stops and life goes on. Most of the time, the cycle operates as a harmonious system that fosters life on planet earth. From water all life springs forth and all life is sustained. Within the human body water plays just as important a role as it does on planet earth. The basic building block of all known living organisms is the cell and all of the components of the cell are dissolved in water. Not only are they dissolved in water, but they derive their structure and activity from their interactions with water. When there is harmony in the body, everything works together with water being not only the medium within which all cells are suspended but also the transport system through which everything flows. It is this environment that Optimal Harmony Water Company was created to support. One of the main barriers to the body working harmoniously is excess acidity. Using the tools nature itself provides, Optimal Harmony has developed a product from limestone called AQUA OH!™. Using heat and water we have been able to extract hydroxide ions from limestone and suspend them in water. When ingested, hydroxide ions help the body maintain its acid-base homeostasis. Hydroxide ions are powerful acid hunters and give the body the means by which to neutralize excess acids in the body. The power in the hydroxide ions is that they seek out hydrogen protons with which to combine and form harmless water. Because the body is so intimately acquainted with water, it instinctively knows how to utilize the hydroxide ions our product provides to help restore optimal harmony. Very simply, Optimal Harmony Water Company exists to manufacture, promote, and distribute AQUA OH!™. A product as powerful and transformative as this needs a company dedicated solely to it. The human body needs AQUA OH!™ where NATURE has not been tainted by the hand of man.