Acidity is defined as the presence of too much hydrogen (H+) in the body. Lactic acid is a normal acid because it is a one proton (H+) donor, which means that for every lactate ion there is a corresponding hydrogen proton. Most acids in the body are one proton donors. Acidity leads to inflammation which further stresses the body. A perfect example of this would be lactic acidosis.
Lactic acidosis is the phrase most people are familiar with when it comes to the presence of lactic acid in the body. The accuracy of this concept has been brought into question through more recent research as discussed at length in the article “The Lactate/Lactic Acid Debate – An Outsider’s Perspective”. No matter which side of the debate one chooses to believe, the fact remains that during strenuous exercise there is an accumulation of both hydrogen protons (H+) and lactate in the muscles. Since lactic acid completely dissociates in an aqueous environment and since the body is an aqueous environment by definition, it is irrelevant as to how and why both the H+ and lactate increase for the purposes of this discussion. What is relevant is that the neutralization of the H+ through elimination will decrease the burdens on the muscles, allowing them to recover more quickly and remain active for a longer period of time. It is with this fact in mind that we set out to find a solution.
Nature has provided the perfect solution to acidity – hydroxide (OH). The formula is simple: H+ + OH = H2O. When a hydroxide ion is introduced to the body it seeks out a hydrogen proton (ACIDITY) to combine with it and become water.


The process by which the acidity is eliminated is called transformational neutralization because the fundamental nature of the acidity is changed. A normal alkaline water has the ability to buffer acidity by adding alkaline minerals which counter the positive charge of the acidity but does not eliminate the acidity. This is neutralization through buffering. In transformational neutralization, the acidity becomes water and ceases to exist as an acid.

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