How to Use

AQUA OH!™ is a food grade hydroxide concentrate that must be diluted prior to use. There are two factors to consider when deciding the best way to accomplish this.

ONE: What should the concentrate be diluted with?


ANY water can be used to dilute AQUA OH!™. AQUA OH!™ is so versatile it will turn ANY water into an acid eliminator. For optimal Acid Elimination Potential (AEP) it is best to use distilled or reverse osmosis (RO) water but ANY water will work.

See our supercharging page for how AQUA OH!™ works with different waters and its AEP with each.

Do not use fruit juices or any other acidic beverage because these beverages will neutralize the AEP of AQUA OH!™.

TWO: How much AQUA OH!™ can be added?


The versatility of AQUA OH!™ makes it unique. You can add 1 to 3 ounces (30 to 90 ml) of AQUA OH!™ concentrate to make one quart (32 oz) of mixed AQUA OH!™ solution:

  • 0.5 oz. (15 ml) AQUA OH!™ concentrate + 15.5 oz. (460 ml) of water = 16 oz. (475 ml) of diluted solution
  • 1 oz. (30 ml) AQUA OH!™ concentrate + 31 oz. (920 ml) of water = 32 oz. (950 ml) of diluted solution
  • 2 oz. (60 ml) AQUA OH!™ concentrate + 30 oz. (890 ml) of water = 32 oz. (950 ml) of diluted solution
  • 3 oz. (90 ml) AQUA OH!™ concentrate + 29 oz. (860 ml) of water = 32 oz. (950 ml) of diluted solution


Each ounce increases the AEP of that quart of water. Normal dilution is 1 ounce (30 ml) of concentrate per quart of water.

The chart below details how much diluted solution is recommended by weight no matter how many ounces of concentrate are used. These are general guidelines for normal everyday life.

Weight Diluted Solution
pounds kilos oz ml
45 20 16 425
90 40 32 950
135 61 48 1375
180 82 64 1800
225 102 80 2225
270 122 96 2650
315 143 112 3075
360 163 128 3500
How do I determine how much AQUA OH!™ I should add?


This all depends on the acidic load you find your body under at any given time. The beauty of AQUA OH!™ is that the dose can be adjusted daily to meet whatever circumstances you find yourself in.

1 ounce (30 ml) of concentrate per quart is the normal recommendation and should be sufficient to help your body handle its daily acidic load for normal life conditions.

If, however, your body is under more physical stress, emotional stress, dietary stress, or environmental stress than normal then you can increase to 2 or 3 ounces (60 to 90 ml) depending on how much stress your body is under. For example, athletes during intense training or someone fighting an illness would be individuals who could find it beneficial to increase the concentrate used. Use the chart below to assess your Overall Acidic Load (OAL) to determine your AQUA OH!™ needs.


Physical Emotional Dietary Environmental
Exercise Stress Acidic Food Intake Heat or Cold
On the Go Depression Acidic Beverage Intake Chemical Exposures
Disease Sadness Junk Food Wind
Injury Grief Sweets Inclement Weather
Surgery Job Pressures Unbalanced Diet Sun
Lack of Sleep Relationship Pressures Holidays
Lack of Rest Major Life Events




When starting out with AQUA OH!™ it is always better to start slowly and build up rather than taking the maximum amount. This allows your body time to adjust.

At first you may experience increased urination as your body eliminates acidity and removes it. This will decrease with time. Learning to listen to your body is the most important factor in determining how fast to increase your intake or what the proper amount of AQUA OH!™ is for your body.

If you experience increased urination, stay at that current dosing level until the urinary output decreases. Remember AQUA OH!™ is creating water in the body as it eliminates acidity. There is, therefore, no need to be concerned that the increase in urination will lead to dehydration.

Once you have reached the standard level of one ounce (30 ml) per quart (liter) of water you may find it beneficial to increase the level of concentrate. As noted, in general it is usually possible to increase the level of concentrate up to three ounces (90 ml) per quart (liter) if desired.

It is possible you may find there is a slight taste to the water when the concentrate is added especially at the higher amounts. This can be happening for a couple of reasons. First, your body and particularly your tongue may be acidic and are reacting to the presence of hydroxide. This is a good sign. Second, you may be tasting the small amount of calcium present in each ounce much like any mineral water has a taste. Either of these will most likely go away with a little time as your body adjusts to the AQUA OH!™. In fact, many people who do experience a slight taste find their body craving it as it grows accustomed to the benefits of AQUA OH!™.

Once your body is comfortable at the current dose, raise your intake or level of concentrate until you begin to notice the positive benefits of AQUA OH!™. Learn to listen to your body.

Use the chart below to evaluate how AQUA OH!™ is affecting your body.


Less Soreness
Decreased Inflammation
Increased Energy
Increased Stamina
More Alert
Quicker Healing
Improved Mood
Better Sleep Patterns



The majority of our customers will find the Basic Instructions above sufficient but AQUA OH!™ is so versatile that it can be utilized in other more intense applications. These applications will be broken down into two classifications: Short Term and Long Term.

Short Term

Once a basic regimen has been established there are times where increasing the concentration would be beneficial for short durations of time. The best example of where this would be true is in the area of exercise, especially intense exercise. It is now accepted by most experts that hydrogen proton (aka acidity) build-up in the muscles is the main cause of fatigue during strenuous exercise. This being the case, hydroxide would be the perfect solution.

Let’s say a person is utilizing the standard concentration of one ounce (30 ml) per quart (liter) daily but exercises intensely three times a week. The standard concentration would help with the normal soreness that would accompany this routine but utilizing a higher concentration just before, during, or after the workout would diminish the fatigue and soreness more rapidly. In fact if optimized properly, it could reduce these symptoms completely. We again must invoke the most important rule when personalizing the use of AQUA OH!™learn to listen to your body.

This same principle can be applied no matter the source of stress. Let’s say you are experiencing particularly stressful day at work or school. Increasing the concentration of AQUA OH!™ can help deal with any acidic build up associated with the increased stress. Learn to listen to your body.

Long Term

Most diseases and chronic conditions either thrive in or add to acidic conditions in the body. As such, AQUA OH!™ may be the perfect addition to any treatment regimen. Reducing acidity can have two effects. First, it can make the body a less hospitable environment for any disease or chronic condition. Second, it can free up resources being monopolized by the acidity and use them to heal and recover. In either case, the reduction of acidity can speed up the recovery processes in the body. It is important to note that the hydroxide is not causing the healing or recovery but is merely allowing the body to heal and recover as it was intended to in the first place. Reducing acidity frees the body to work properly.

With this in mind, it is important to recognize the affect reducing the acidic load on the body can have on the overall healing processes. Again it is necessary to invoke the most important rule when using AQUA OH!™learn to listen to your body. Use the same rules set forth in the Basic Instructions above for increasing both the intake and/or concentration of AQUA OH!™ slowly over time. Bear in mind that symptoms may increase during this adjustment period before they are resolved.

There are several factors to consider if symptoms increase. First, you can stay at a certain level or slow down the increase until the body adjusts. This is the simplest solution.

Second, natural healing many times involves an increase in symptoms before the condition resolves itself. If you have determined that this is the case then be mindful of it as you progress. It is always possible to slow the process and decrease symptoms by reducing or stopping the intake/concentration of AQUA OH!™. If there is any question, consult a licensed health care professional. If symptoms become acute or do not resolve themselves, consult a licensed health care professional.

Third, if you are on any medication or other treatment protocol, be aware that as the body begins to function properly with the reduction in acidic load, these treatments may need to be adjusted. If you are under the care of a licensed health care professional consult them prior to using AQUA OH!™ and inform them of any changes in symptoms that may affect their treatment regimen once you begin using it.