Optimal Harmony Water Company Announces Strategic Partnership With Natralife


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Optimal Harmony Water Company Announces Strategic Partnership With Natralife
AQUA OH!™ To Be Official Drink of NatraLife’s Get Lean!™ Program And Supercharges Weight Loss

April 10, 2017 – Optimal Harmony Water Company, the creator of the revolutionary and critically acclaimed approach to alkaline water, AQUA OH!™ announces that it has formed a strategic partnership with NatratLife, creator of the NatraLife’s Get Lean!™ Program, a weight loss program based on powerful foods, nutraceuticals, and proven techniques. With this strategic partnership, AQUA OH!™ will become the official drink of the NatraLife’s Get Lean!™ Program. The NatraLife’s Get Lean!™ Program and AQUA OH!™ work seamlessly with each other allowing users to see supercharged results in their weight loss. Using AQUA OH!™ with the NatraLife’s Get Lean!™ Program increases the effectiveness of the program in the following four ways:

1. As AQUA OH!™ eliminates acidity in the body, it creates more water in the process. AQUA OH!™ eliminates acidity in a very simple way. AQUA OH!™’s main active ingredient is naturally sourced hydroxide (OH) that comes from limestone. This hydroxide is hungry for hydrogen (H+). Acidity is by definition excess hydrogen. Acid elimination is a natural detoxification process and as the body becomes less burdened with acidity, the more its metabolism can function at its best, which promotes weight loss.
2. AQUA OH!™ tackles the issue of acidity head on and eliminates it in a way no other product can. Acidity is a major cause of inflammation in the body. Therefore, the elimination of acidity will help combat inflammation. By helping to eliminate acidity and thereby combatting inflammation, AQUA OH!™ supercharges the anti-inflammatory nutrients in NatraLife’s Super Food™ increasing their effectiveness. Inflammation can cause insulin levels to rise. When insulin is high it hinders the body’s ability to burn fat. Inflammation can also increase the risk for other metabolic issues that can lead to weight gain such as thyroid disease and/or Type 2 Diabetes.
3. There are two major components that stress the body: oxy-radicals and acidity. NatraLife’s Super Food™ is jam packed with antioxidants but these do not address the acidity problem. AQUA OH!™ eliminates acidity but does not necessarily deal with oxy-radicals. Therefore the combination of the two will become a one-two punch to defeat the two major sources of physiological stress on the body.
4. AQUA OH!™ also helps combat stress through the bodies self-regulating cortisol cycle and would therefore make the Adrenal-Fuel™ more effective. Cortisol is the stress hormone that can cause weight gain around the midsection. When cortisol is released during times of stress it governs the production of energy that the body demands to meet the current crisis. Energy production from ATP involves the release of hydrogen protons (H+) aka acidity. If much energy is needed then more hydrogen protons are produced and the body can be overwhelmed. The hydroxide ions (OH) in AQUA OH!™ can eliminate these hydrogen protons resulting from energy production during stress. This will in turn make the body function more efficiently and reduce the physiological stress on the body and thereby help alleviate the mental or emotional stress that unfortunately can develops into a vicious cycle.

Made naturally from limestone, AQUA OH!™ uses the properties of water to unlock the hydroxide buried deep within this rock. Using the natural forces of heat and water, hydroxide ions are extracted from limestone and suspended in water. When ingested, these hydroxide ions help the body maintain its acid-base homeostasis. Hydroxide ions are powerful acid hunters and give the body the means by which to eliminate excess acids in the body instead of just neutralize them as other alkaline waters do. The power in the hydroxide ions is that they seek out hydrogen protons (the cause of acidity) and combine with them to form harmless water. Because the body is so intimately acquainted with water, it instinctively knows how to utilize the hydroxide ions AQUA OH!™ provides to help restore optimal harmony.

NatraLife is dedicated to optimal health, prevention of disease and improving quality of life. The company was founded in 2004 by Joe Perry, who is a nationally renowned health and weight loss expert. He and his products have helped more than a million people achieve better health.

NatraLife has formulated high quality nutritional products, weight loss programs and offered educational materials for multiple market segments, including health professionals.

NatraLife’s mission:

• Treat the cause – not the symptom.
• Formulate & market the highest quality nutritional products, specifically designed to restore healthy metabolic function.
• Empower people to live a healthier life.
• Provide the latest information on health and wellness from an integrative (natural and traditional) perspective.

Additional information on Optimal Harmony Water Company may be obtained at https://optharmony.com.

Additional information on NatraLife may be obtained at https://www.natralife.com.


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