The chemical formula for oxalic acid is C2H2O4. For our purposes it is better to realize oxalic acid consists of two hydrogen protons (H+) and an oxalate ion (two carbon atoms and four oxygen atoms – C2O42-). In an aqueous solution (aka water), oxalic acid dissociates completely. This means the two hydrogen protons are released and the oxalate remains. A simple equation of the reaction is:

H2C2O4 + 2H2O = (2H3O+ + C2O42-)aq


This formula shows one oxalic acid molecule being added to two water molecules. The result is that two hydronium ions (H3O+) are formed and one oxalate ion (C2O42-) remains. Since the oxalate ion exists even when it is in reality still a part of the oxalic acid, most of the literature on oxalic acid and oxalates use the terms interchangeably. This is understandable yet imprecise and will not occur here. In this article oxalate will only refer to the oxalate ion on its own and never as part of oxalic acid.

The fact that oxalic acid dissociates completely is called the Acid Dissociation Constant. This is of great importance when speaking of oxalic acid in the body because the body is made up mostly of water, 60% or so in the average adult. The cells of the body exist in water and are made up of water. Because oxalic acid sheds two hydrogen protons so easily, it adds to acidity in the body more quickly than most other acids. Most acids the body comes into contact with only donate one hydrogen proton. Acidity leads to inflammation which further stresses the body and adversely impacts any disease conditions.

Nature has provided the perfect solution to acidity – hydroxide (OH). The formula is simple: H+ + OH = H2O. When a hydroxide ion is introduced to the body it seeks out a hydrogen proton (ACIDITY) to combine with it and become water.

This basic concept can be applied to oxalic acid also. In the case of oxalic acid, two hydroxide ions are added to the dissociated oxalic acid. Here is the formula of the reaction:

(C2O42- + 2H3O+)aq + 2OH = 4H2O + C2O42-



This shows one oxalic acid molecule in water being combined with two hydroxide ions. The result is four water molecules and one oxalate ion. This reaction removes the acidity, which is the first step to restoring balance in the body. Excess hydrogen protons cause inflammation and rob the body of critical resources needed for other biological functions. Hydrogen protons do not show up in urine tests like oxalates do but their presence is a major stress on the body, inhibiting normal biological function and healing. In fact, excess acidity (hydrogen protons) robs the body of resources that might otherwise be used to process and eliminate oxalates.

The process by which the acidity is eliminated is called transformational neutralization because the fundamental nature of the acidity is changed. A normal alkaline water has the ability to buffer acidity by adding alkaline minerals which counter the positive charge of the acidity but does not eliminate the acidity. This is neutralization through buffering. In transformational neutralization, the acidity becomes water and ceases to exist as an acid.

There is one more issue to consider in the neutralization process. Once the acidity is eliminated as noted above, the oxalate remains. The question becomes what happens to it? In order to answer this question, it is necessary to determine the nature and source of oxalates themselves. The current consensus maintains that generally half of the oxalates in the body come from diet (through oxalic acid in food) and half from the metabolic processes in the body. Oxalates cause problems when they combine with minerals/metals in the body, most often calcium although they can combine with any mineral/metal. Calcium oxalate has been found in both kidney stones and the joints of gout sufferers. High oxalate counts have also been found in the urine and blood plasma of autistic children.

Because oxalates can be a natural result of the metabolic processes of the body, the body has mechanisms for dealing with and eliminating them. The problem comes when these natural mechanisms are overwhelmed by the presence of too many oxalates either through dietary intake of oxalic acid or interruptions to the normal functioning of the body and its mechanisms due to disease or some other bodily dysfunction or both. In either case, by reducing the burden of the excess acidity that comes from the presence of oxalic acid, the body begins to restore balance and can begin to process oxalates through its normal mechanisms. Not only this, but the water created in the elimination of the acidity can be used to prime the detox pathways and help the body flush out toxins like oxalates.



The product with the most free hydroxide and highest pH available is AQUA OH!™. AQUA OH!™ has a pH of at least 12 and yields a drinkable hydroxide solution of up to 11 plus yet it is not caustic. The pH measurement demonstrates the acid ELIMINATING potential of the hydroxide found in AQUA OH!™. Nothing eliminates acidity more effectively or to a greater degree than the hydroxide found in AQUA OH!™.

The ability of the hydroxide in AQUA OH!™ to neutralize acid is not just theoretical. AQUA OH!™ is LAB CERTIFIED to neutralize oxalic acid. Click HERE to see our lab results. The ability of AQUA OH!™ to neutralize oxalic acid has several practical applications.

First, if high oxalic acid foods are consumed, the hydroxide in AQUA OH!™ can eliminate the acidic hydrogen protons immediately as noted above. If oxalic acid exists in the body for other reasons than diet, the hydroxide in AQUA OH!™ can eliminate those acidic hydrogen protons also.

Second, because the hydroxide in AQUA OH!™ comes from limestone in the form of calcium hydroxide, there is a small amount of calcium still present. This calcium is available in the digestive tract for binding with any oxalates present which keeps them from entering the bloodstream and allows them to be excreted.

Third, one of the main focuses of AQUA OH!™ is ultra-hydration. Not only do you get the water the hydroxide is suspended in for hydration purposes, but only hydroxide creates new water molecules in the body while it is eliminating acidity. This can be excess acidity from oxalic acid or any other acid that contributes to acidity. In every case hydroxide creates new water molecules while eliminating this excess acidity.

Fourth, as previously noted, the hydration that comes from acid elimination primes the detox pathways.

Fifth, by reducing the acidic burden on the body, AQUA OH!™ decreases inflammation throughout the body which aids in restoring harmony and proper biological function.


1) OXALIC ACID NEUTRALIZATION – AQUA OH!™ directly fights and eliminates oxalic acid. This frees up resources for other biological functions, including handling oxalates.

2) DECREASED INFLAMMATION – By eliminating acidity, the body’s inflammation responses are quieted and normal fluid levels are restored.

3) ULTRA-HYDRATION – Not only does AQUA OH!™ hydrate through the water that its hydroxide is suspended in, but it creates new water molecules when it eliminates acidity. This process is known as ultra-hydration. Only hydroxide allows the body to create new water.

4) INCREASED DETOXIFICATION – Although AQUA OH!™ does not directly remove oxalates from the body, it primes the detox pathways through ultra-hydration and by freeing up resources previously engaged in dealing with acidity.

5) OXALATE INTERCEPTION – AQUA OH!™ provides calcium which the body can use to combat oxalates in the digestive tract and keep them from being absorbed into the bloodstream.

In all of these ways AQUA OH!™ helps the body work more efficiently which restores harmony and proper metabolic function. When the body functions properly it is better equipped to handle issues like oxalate build up.

The graph below is the Titration Curve from the lab results showing how AQUA OH!™ neutralizes oxalic acid.


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