Beyond Hydroxide Alkaline Water and Exercise

What causes fatigue and inflammation during exercise and what can alleviate it?

  1. EXPLANATION – Simply put, exercise causes hydrogen protons (H+) to accumulate in the muscles and blood. The more strenuous the exertion the more accumulation occurs. This increase in hydrogen load on the body is directly proportional to the increase in fatigue and inflammation.
  2. CAUSE – There are two theoretical causes for hydrogen accumulation during exercise:

    A) Lactic acid production – Lactic acid breaks down into hydrogen and lactate in the muscles. The more lactic acid produced, the more hydrogen protons (acidity) are released.

    B) Energy production – The body produces energy using ATP hydrolysis. ATP hydrolysis produces hydrogen as a by-product. The more energy that is demanded the more hydrogen protons (acidity) are produced in meeting that demand.


  4. EFFECTThis excess of hydrogen protons produced during exercise is by definition acidity. Whether it is lactic acidosis or metabolic acidosis is not important. The fact that the acidic load (hydrogen load) on the body has increased is important. As the load increases the body’s natural ability to process hydrogen is overwhelmed and acidosis occurs. This is seen mainly in the muscle tissues but can also occur to a lesser extent in the blood as the body attempts to process the overload.



  1. THE SCIENCE – Nature has provided the perfect solution to acidity – hydroxide (OH-). The formula is simple: H+ + OH = H2O. When hydroxide is introduced into the body it seeks out hydrogen to combine with it and become water.

    ELIMINATION VS BUFFERING – Hydroxide ions eliminate excess hydrogen protons, they do not just buffer the excess hydrogen protons. Alkaline waters and sports drinks rely on either alkaline minerals or electrolytes to buffer the excess hydrogen. Buffering means that a negative charge is added to combat or neutralize the positive charge of the hydrogen proton (acidity). Although this restores charge equilibrium, it does not remove the hydrogen which is still present wreaking havoc.

    The hydroxide ion, on the other hand, combines with the hydrogen proton changing it into a water molecule and completely eliminating its effects on the body. The process by which the acidity is eliminated is called transformational neutralization because the fundamental nature of the acidity is changed.

    ULTRA-HYDRATIONAQUA OH!™ not only hydrates by providing the water the hydroxide is suspended in, but it creates new water molecules as it eliminates acidity (hydrogen protons). Hydroxide is the only substance that can help the body create water. Optimal hydration helps the body recover quicker.

    ENERGY – Many sports drinks help energy production by providing sugar or carbohydrates that the body can burn to create more energy. This is a short term fix that can actually exacerbate the hydrogen/acidity problem. As more fuel is dumped into the system and more energy produced, the requisite hydrogen protons are also produced. This will increase the accumulation of hydrogen and in the end be counterproductive.

    AQUA OH!™ takes a different approach. Instead of dumping fuel into the fire, the hydroxide in AQUA OH!™ reduces the hydrogen load on the body which frees up the body’s resources so that it can create more energy instead of diverting them to deal with the hydrogen load. This allows the natural balance of energy production to be restored and allows the body to operate as it was intended.



  1. DECREASED INFLAMMATION – By eliminating acidity, the body’s inflammation responses are quieted and normal fluid levels are restored.

  3. INCREASED HYDRATION – The ultra-hydration provided by AQUA OH!™ allows for optimal hydration and quicker recovery during exercise.

  5. INCREASED DETOXIFICATION – The body not only hydrates the cells with the water created but it also primes the detox pathways to remove any other by-products caused by the exertion of exercise.

  7. INCREASED ENERGY – Instead of dumping fuel on an already raging fire, AQUA OH!™ allows the body to return to normal energy production by removing the burden of excess hydrogen protons.

  9. INCREASED OXYGEN – Acidic load robs the body of resources that would be otherwise utilized for the transport and availability of oxygen. When the acidic load is eliminated rather than merely buffered, more resources become available for oxygen transport. This makes recovery time shorter.

  11. RESTORED HARMONY – When excess acidic load is eliminated rather than merely buffered, the body is able to operate more efficiently in all biological processes. If the body is operating more efficiently, exercise will produce better results and recovery time will shorten.