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Highest alkalinity

Our concentrate has a minimum pH of 12, yielding a drinkable pH of up to 11 plus yet it is not caustic! No product on the market offers more alkalinity that is safe to drink.


AQUA OH!™ doesn’t just buffer acidity with alkaline minerals, it eliminates acidity with food grade hydroxide. Not only does AQUA OH!™ eliminate acidity, it also helps the body create new water. Only hydroxide can help the body create water through ultra-hydration.

Great value

AQUA OH!™ is a concentrate that costs less than $1.50 per drinkable quart because one ounce of concentrate creates 32 ounces of hydroxide solution.

All natural

The source of the hydroxide found in AQUA OH!™ is limestone so it is 100% natural. Furthermore, our hydroxide comes from a process of natural ionization through hydration rather than being electro-magnetically created.

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